Thursday, January 31, 2013

Success, Patty, and Time

Success! Craft Night Recap:
I could not have asked for a better event! Threaded City hosted it's first Craft Night making sure to start the new year with a bang! I posted earlier about what Craft Night is all about and my expectations for the evening. Out of 36 "going's" on the facebook event, we ended up with an average of 20 through the 3 hours. Most people were there the entire time, some came late/left early. I am so thankful for everyone who came out and made sure to craft their hearts out. We had a great mix of simple to complex, age, gender, and conversation. Here's a list of a few of the different things that were going on, spinning yarn, complex jewelry making from wool and copper thread, paper art, tape sculptures, fabric flowers, book binding, knitting, and macramé bracelets. I can't tank everyone enough for coming out, and being a part of what Threaded City is all about, community and supporting each other!

Patty Eykholt, Partner In All Things Crafty:
My dear cousin Patty is in the works of becoming my partner with Threaded City. I've been thinking for a while now, especially after getting back into one of my favorite blogs (A Beautiful Mess), that I really just don't want to do this alone. I don't want help for the bad times necessarily, but to celebrate the good. I work so much better when I have another to bounce ideas off of and to collaborate, that I've really had to consider this again. I mentioned this to Patty, not expecting any more than her and another friend to think about it, or to let me know of anyone they ran into. Of course Patty sat straight up in her chair and said "ME, ME!" I'm really looking forward to working with Patty more, she has her degree in Photography and is such a go-getter and all around motivated person, that I can't think of anyone better!  I'm really looking forward to all you getting to get to know her better.

Time and Management and... 
Another week has flown by and it feels like I just went to bed from last Wednesday. I have been cranking out a lot and been able to really attack my time differently than last year. I always like to see some tips and tricks on how to manage my time, recently I read this article. Although it doesn't say much I didn't know before, it does remind me of how people get things done. It also reminds me of how I often to have a realistic view of how long things take. I've been really bad about that lately, thinking something will take 1 hour and it takes 3! GAH!

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