Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LOVE this blog

basically that's it for now... her entire blog site is great...



Monday, July 12, 2010

Thanks Dan

"... I read on your blog that you haven't read my books yet because you're "chicken." Come on - if you're an entrepreneur at heart nothing can stop you. You might as well learn to do it well and knock it outta the park...."
-Dan Miller

Ok, I've decided to start posting things I've done for the wedding to show you all I'm not just being a stick in the mud with Threaded City. Just prioritizing a little differently.

This my friends is my wedding dress. It is made out of "Shell" Dupioni Silk from voguefabricsstore.com. I started out with a simplicity pattern and a vogue pattern, ended up completely making my own pattern. I ended up using 6 1/2 yards of material, that is mostly in the skirt. 6 panels at 1 yard each, lets just say that was a LOT of pleating.

I did not have a manikin while making the dress, and ended up stabbing myself with pins quite a few times. Never the less, it was an enjoyable experience with about 4 hours in pattern design, 4 in construction, and about 10 of patting myself on the back.

I also repurposed a crinoline full length a-line slip into a ballgown short style slip. That took about a half hour only because I had to try it on with the dress multiple times.

This was my first attempt at clothing.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quit Your Day Job

Recently I have been racking my brain wishing that I could go to a less traditional job setting. Etsy has a great resource bank of interviews that they have done with some of their more popular artisans that have been quite inspirational.


I have found these intverviews very helpful in making me more and more discontent with not doing what I love. I also have started to listen to Dan Miller's Podcast's, I'm not ready to read his book, "48 days to the work you love", either because I'm chicken, or I know that it will drive me crazy while I cant do anything about it.


Work, School, Wedding... that's the order of priorities right now. Once the wedding is done, I get to start with Threaded City. The goal is to drop my hours to 35 or 32 and be able to focus on becoming an entrepreneur. Would anyone have any insight to this? The idea still makes me nervous, mostly because I'll really have to get my ass in gear. Suggestions and Comments would be highly appreciated.

OH!! OH OH, class is over next week! Let's hang out? 5795826