Monday, July 12, 2010

Thanks Dan

"... I read on your blog that you haven't read my books yet because you're "chicken." Come on - if you're an entrepreneur at heart nothing can stop you. You might as well learn to do it well and knock it outta the park...."
-Dan Miller

Ok, I've decided to start posting things I've done for the wedding to show you all I'm not just being a stick in the mud with Threaded City. Just prioritizing a little differently.

This my friends is my wedding dress. It is made out of "Shell" Dupioni Silk from I started out with a simplicity pattern and a vogue pattern, ended up completely making my own pattern. I ended up using 6 1/2 yards of material, that is mostly in the skirt. 6 panels at 1 yard each, lets just say that was a LOT of pleating.

I did not have a manikin while making the dress, and ended up stabbing myself with pins quite a few times. Never the less, it was an enjoyable experience with about 4 hours in pattern design, 4 in construction, and about 10 of patting myself on the back.

I also repurposed a crinoline full length a-line slip into a ballgown short style slip. That took about a half hour only because I had to try it on with the dress multiple times.

This was my first attempt at clothing.



  1. Thank you very much Carly! I very much appreciate it :)

  2. You are awesome!!! I love seeing all the things you create!!!