Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For a while I've been without any kind of window covering for my loft-bedroom. It's a little uncomfortable since most anyone could see right in if i have my light on at night, or if it's daylight out. So, ALL THE TIME, a little awkward when you live by yourself in a neighborhood where you have to lock your doors. So I decided to make curtains, Becky gave me a dress that just wasn't going to work on anyone, I cut it up, und perfekt!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Autism and Thinking Differently

Great way to rethink our world and the people in it. The products I've helped design and make at work are used to help with the sensory deprivation needs. I also attend a program called The Student Venture Lab it's part of the BizWiz program at the NIIC. Every first Saturday of the month they have a meeting for student entrepreneurs to hear a key speaker and work on their business in a group setting. I work along side people with sever autism and see how completely non-verbals act and react to the world around them; on the other side I've been apart of a group that has young people sprouting with technical and brilliant dreams although some seem to have more technical skills than social.

It's interesting to see and hear and be apart of different learning styles. The differences really make a difference. I need to do more studying into how the Left side versus the Right sides of the brain really work. According to the video and the little research I have done I am definately a Right brain thinker. Leaning towards a Pattern mind primarily and a Photo mind second. Micah we know for sure is a Verbal.

Don't get me wrong, these three types are more for people with autism than to generalize all of society. It's still interesting to think about.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiny Texas Houses!

This makes me feel more empowered about my 500 sq ft house. Tiny Texas Houses ( 95% recycled materials to create one of a kind houses that range from 10'x16' to 12'x28'. I LOVE THESE! Check them out.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not so interesting evening

1. Teeth Cleaning
2. Burger King Whopper Wednesday
3. Psych Class
4. Surfing the Inter-webs
5. Budget Management
6. Green Wedding Blog Inspiration (image:

... thus my evening.

Earlier today though, I was able to work on my dress :) OOOOOOh I can't tell you how excited I am that it's almost finished. I'll be going in early tomorrow to finish it up. all that is needed is to connect bodice and skirt, zipper, hem the bottom, one final pleat in the bodice, and presto! Complete. I cannot wait to put pictures up. I'll have the veil done tomorrow as well. I'm entering into a contest May 8th, it's the Fort Wayne Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. I'll make sure to add info when I get it.

Happy Blogging

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding Music?

Alright cuties, Micah and I have been struggling to find music to dance to for the reception. We have the traditional jams for the appropriate dances, however once the dance floor is open we haven't figured much out beyond the Electric Slide.

SO... we need help! Neither of us are really into clubbing music, however we want people to feel like dancing. Most weddings I've been to, people wont dance unless it's "booty-licious". Ideas would be great, although I would like to limit just randomness to a minimum, good solid ideas people!

Other news, I finally started my dress, more specifically the skirt. It cut and went together very smooth, I was a little nervous that the machine was too heavy for the silk, but once I played with the tension it was a-o-k.

Hopefully I will be able to scan the prototype for the invites soon.

Generally a good week once I got over death in my sinus'.

Enjoy this weather!!!