Friday, April 9, 2010

Autism and Thinking Differently

Great way to rethink our world and the people in it. The products I've helped design and make at work are used to help with the sensory deprivation needs. I also attend a program called The Student Venture Lab it's part of the BizWiz program at the NIIC. Every first Saturday of the month they have a meeting for student entrepreneurs to hear a key speaker and work on their business in a group setting. I work along side people with sever autism and see how completely non-verbals act and react to the world around them; on the other side I've been apart of a group that has young people sprouting with technical and brilliant dreams although some seem to have more technical skills than social.

It's interesting to see and hear and be apart of different learning styles. The differences really make a difference. I need to do more studying into how the Left side versus the Right sides of the brain really work. According to the video and the little research I have done I am definately a Right brain thinker. Leaning towards a Pattern mind primarily and a Photo mind second. Micah we know for sure is a Verbal.

Don't get me wrong, these three types are more for people with autism than to generalize all of society. It's still interesting to think about.



  1. Sean and I watched that a few months ago. Awesome stuff :)

  2. thanks kenna, i want to learn more!