Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding Music?

Alright cuties, Micah and I have been struggling to find music to dance to for the reception. We have the traditional jams for the appropriate dances, however once the dance floor is open we haven't figured much out beyond the Electric Slide.

SO... we need help! Neither of us are really into clubbing music, however we want people to feel like dancing. Most weddings I've been to, people wont dance unless it's "booty-licious". Ideas would be great, although I would like to limit just randomness to a minimum, good solid ideas people!

Other news, I finally started my dress, more specifically the skirt. It cut and went together very smooth, I was a little nervous that the machine was too heavy for the silk, but once I played with the tension it was a-o-k.

Hopefully I will be able to scan the prototype for the invites soon.

Generally a good week once I got over death in my sinus'.

Enjoy this weather!!!

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