Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiny Texas Houses!

This makes me feel more empowered about my 500 sq ft house. Tiny Texas Houses ( 95% recycled materials to create one of a kind houses that range from 10'x16' to 12'x28'. I LOVE THESE! Check them out.

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  1. Like I said I have a 500 sq ft house wich is pretty large compared to these Tiny's but compared to a lot of houses of people I know now, small. Micah decided that once we were married, he would move in as well. We're 6 months away, and honestly I'm a little stressed about fitting. Looking at these houses however gave us both a renewed excitement about living in a house that has no mortgage, and adequate to our needs. The space we have meets our needs and we want to be content with that. For a long time I wanted something a lot bigger and more available for starting Threaded City while allowing Micah to have his space. We're going to try to live in our current home for 2 years and than rethink our living situation, whether it be here in Fort Wayne or somewhere else.

    Pictures of my house to come soon :)