Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quit Your Day Job

Recently I have been racking my brain wishing that I could go to a less traditional job setting. Etsy has a great resource bank of interviews that they have done with some of their more popular artisans that have been quite inspirational.

I have found these intverviews very helpful in making me more and more discontent with not doing what I love. I also have started to listen to Dan Miller's Podcast's, I'm not ready to read his book, "48 days to the work you love", either because I'm chicken, or I know that it will drive me crazy while I cant do anything about it.

Work, School, Wedding... that's the order of priorities right now. Once the wedding is done, I get to start with Threaded City. The goal is to drop my hours to 35 or 32 and be able to focus on becoming an entrepreneur. Would anyone have any insight to this? The idea still makes me nervous, mostly because I'll really have to get my ass in gear. Suggestions and Comments would be highly appreciated.

OH!! OH OH, class is over next week! Let's hang out? 5795826


  1. yay marriage!! weddings ... what fun :)

  2. thanks meg! I had my first nightmare about the wedding last week... sad the stress is getting to me so soon.

  3. Friend I think you should do it! I have read so much about people who sell things on Etsy and they have a high success rate. I buy stuff on there all the time. Doooo it!!!! =)

  4. you know me -- I say plan... Prove you can do it by setting appointments with yourself, stick to them for times you'll dedicate, without interuptions or delays -- If you pass your test (i.e. set a goal of so many kept appointments, hours, weeks, etc), then go for it. I think your last line "let's hang out" gives it away. I have no doubt you can do it. But focusing is the challenge. Think of this waiting time as "making you hungry" time. Love you forever!

  5. I totally think you can do it but as Margaret said you need to stay focused. We opened our design studio last year (April) and it has been the most exciting, rewarding and hardest thing I have ever done. Now we also quit our jobs and did it full time and had some experience in freelancing so it will be nice for you to have a least a job as a backup plan for now.

    I also agree with Margaret to test it out because boundaries and schedules are definitely key to being successful at it. Research is free and the more you do the more you will be successful at building your company (try finding out what niche you'll fill, how youmight market your product and what makes it special that no one else is doing, figure out pricing, what you want this to be in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, evaluate costs - cost of the goods on the products you are making, how many you want/need to make, etc) You might get into it for a couple of weeks and have to change the plan and work less because you need to work more on the company, or you might find you can work more at your job because you are very quick. Flexibility is also key which I know youll do well with rolling with the punches :)

    I know you probably aren't at the stage now but if you ever do form an LLC or need help with setting up a business (contacting the county, state, federal, and city and forming a bank account) call me and I can help walk you through that process as its a little complicated and I wish I had someone who helped me through it. :)

    I think youll be amazing at it and doing something you love is extremely rewarding :)


  6. Breezy, Mom, Lexi! Thank you all so much! Lexi, I'm definitely gonna have to pick your brain sometime soon! Thank you all for the encouragement, I really appreciated the more serious tones, I've found a couple of co-workers who are artsy as well and want to pursue some different ideas with me. I'll keep everyone posted.

    I mentioned that I joined the networking site called Great site, by the way, but I really have to post something Dan Miller wrote on my wall. To good for words.

    "... I read on your blog that you haven't read my books yet because you're "chicken." Come on - if you're an entrepreneur at heart nothing can stop you. You might as well learn to do it well and knock it outta the park..."

    Thanks Dan.
    Will Do.