Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Goals

well kind of... when I say "new goals" I mean old ones that I will be officially working on. In Dave Ramsey's newsletter I found a basic, but inspirational article. Turn Your Dreams Into Reality! Micah and I are working on some life planning/goal setting today. I'm very excited about this and the direction it will give us.

Here's a few ideas I have: (not in order)
- Have a house with ROOM (more than 500 sqft)
- Start Threaded City, and have an online and brick and mortar store be a lucrative business
- Be able to go on Vacations (Hiking Trips, Extended Cycling Trips, Europe, Etc)
- Know the ins and outs of being a survivalist and have the land to be off the grid
- Live in other places (Alaska, Colorado, Europe)
- Have a family (Dog first, maybe a couple of kids)
- Graduate
- Learn a Language

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