Sunday, December 5, 2010

Different Directions

Dear Readers... I know I don't do much for you, but I'm finally out of my slump. It surprised me that the wedding was so draining creatively. Until last week, I have had zero desire for making, mending, or designing anything. Here's something I came up with, and wish someone would have told me the past few months...

If you're in a slump...

1. Breathe, know that it is normal to be still and lazy.
2. Work through the reasons why you are in a slump, external and internal. (Write them down if needed)
3. Process those reasons, and let yourself go through them. Figure out a way to get past them. (Friends and Family might help)
4. Finally through feeling slugish? YEAH!!! Now, if you have the slightest desire to do ______ (insert craft/chore/whatever here) DO IT! Don't wait for that feeling to pass.

Hope this helps in some little way. This is what worked for me, and I ended up with new flannel sheets.


  1. I'm glad you found a balance between rest and pushing through; congrats on your sewing, and don't forget to give yourself credit for your home, decorating for the holidays, and that wonderful salad! Love you!

  2. Thanks MOM! I am very excited to post a few pictures of the christmas decor. Anddd I'm hungry, thanks for reminding me of having a little left over salad. LOVE!